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Simple Solutions for Mark Cuban

by Amber Yoder

By now we’re all familiar with the ‘home-office-video’ look. The neglected house plants, the kids and pets that barge in unexpectedly, and the incredibly unflattering lighting. It’s all a little quaint and forgivable in the context of business meetings or happy hours.

But how can you step up the professionalism of your at-home video streams? Whether you’re working with a CEO or a celebrity, there are times when OK just isn’t good enough.

This is the challenge that Production Resource Group recently tackled for entrepreneur Mark Cuban. Cuban has been making the rounds in interviews on a variety of broadcast shows. But the livestream from his home office simply wasn’t looking professional.

After receiving a last minute call for help from a friend of Cuban’s, Kathaleen Hervey, VER Senior National Account Executive worked to put together an audio and lighting kit with a focus on simplicity and ease. Her team created the kit with clear instructions (complete with diagrams and color coded gaffer tape), so that Cuban could assemble it all himself. The entire thing was done in an afternoon, complete with contactless delivery.

The results made a big difference — helping Cuban achieve better lighting, better angles for the camera, a less distracting background, and clean audio.

“We felt it was important to give the viewers better quality viewing and sound so they weren’t distracted and were able to focus on his presentation,” said Hervey.

So what was in the kit? It was surprisingly simple.

  • 3x – Zabo Light kits

  • 1x – USB interface

  • 1x – IFB in ear

  • 1x – Shot gun mic kit

PRG took what they did for Cuban, and put together a variety of packages to help support at-home live streaming. The packages range from simple, to custom solutions for broadcasters.

It doesn’t take a ton of gear, or even a lot of time to improve video quality. The first, and most important step is genuinely caring, and not accepting ‘OK’ or ‘good enough’.

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