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Introducing Adapt

by Gregor Clark

How do we handle change?

For the brave innovators, upheaval is where something new begins. Adapt is Hiker’s home base for great ideas that are emerging for changing times. Everywhere are the sparks of possibility and realignment. How can we gather forces and pop the kernels? How can we grow a field from a flower?  There isn’t really a going back exactly. And once you begin to marinate with that, the next step is thinking to yourself: okay, then what’s forward?

What’s forward for social impact?

How can we continue to expand equity when the system is undergoing massive upheavals all around us? How can we ignite the public on anything that isn’t about public health and its impact on everyday life? Where can we turn to see what is possible in a time when so many doors seem to be closing? How can we raise funds to get the work done? What’s working? Here’s some thinking on fundraising right now.

What’s forward for communications?

The sudden vacuum of consumerism has created new demands on brand communicators. How can we speak with authenticity and care and also remind people of our brand purpose and even of…buying what we need to be selling? What is the role of vulnerability in brand communications as we see change? Where should we be aiming our production, our messaging, our strategy? How can we continue to make the kinds of content we’re used to? What’s working? Here are three models for live action production you can use right now.

What’s forward for creativity?

Suddenly without the standards of engagement and activity, artists are leaning into who they are. It’s not just that the most talented people alive are now regularly performing in their living rooms, it’s that time is changing. We’re slowing down, staying longer, less mobile and therefore quieted, more focused on what is in front of us. And our expectations are changing. What are the new tools? How is the creative class continuing to contribute to the culture? What’s working? Here’s how to find and work with artists.

What’s forward for education?

Teachers are inventing and failing and trying again constantly. Some kids are thriving, some are skipping class, many are struggling with equity. Systems of testing standards are being forced to abandon their empowered stations to rethink how to assess progress. Time has shifted, leading to more project-based thinking. Students are undergoing a transformative sense of what education means. This is filled with pain and uncertainty and imperfection. And possibility, too. What’s working? Here’s an innovative Detroit program combining food security and art.

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The needle will move
when we move the needle.

– Gregor Clark