by Cailin Shymko

What it takes to tell better stories from the perspectives of professional storytellers from all walks of life.

Everyone interviewed in this series is a storyteller, even if they may not always think of themselves in that way. Each storyteller has something unique to share. In this series, we’ll talk about story crafting, narrative devices, and dissect the unique challenges of visual, written and oral storytelling.

James Navé - Poet, author, storyteller, and narrative coach
Magali McDonald - Animation director, producer, storyboarder and knitter
Patrick Meaney - Writer, director, producer
Madhuri Shekar - Playwright, screenwriter
Joe Pettine - Game Master and writer
Kwame Anthony Appiah - Philosopher and Writer
Adam Ruben - Writer, comedian, storyteller, and molecular biologist
Nara Garber - Documentary filmmaker