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By The Horns

by Adam Sobsey

Your past isn’t the only way forward. Looking backwards–revisiting history, opening up archives, and the like–is tempting, especially in nostalgia-drenched baseball, whose opening day would have been just a few weeks ago. But the Durham Bulls, a minor-league baseball team, are engaging their fans right where they are. They started right up top by adding to their Twitter handle, “Please Stay Home and Wash Your Horns,” from which they’ve made a special-edition t-shirt (with admirably low-key virtue signaling of the charitably donated proceeds).

They have also started a “Pro Tips” series, whose first installment is the team strength and conditioning coach offering warm-up exercises for homebound exercisers. And they invited fans to help design and then attend a “Virtual Opening Day.” They’ve made the current playing field their own by swinging from outside the fences..

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